Protect Week

Protect Week
Protecting older Americans from financial exploitation

A devastating statistic is that the average victim of elder financial abuse loses upwards of $120,000. The good news is that there are ways to combat this type of disaster. Recognizing financial abuse as the most common type of elder abuse, and accepting responsibility as a first-line defense, Maryland nonprofit financial counseling agency, CCCSMD and AARP Maryland are leading a statewide awareness campaign in partnership with Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, the Maryland Department of Aging, the Maryland Department of Human Services and a Coalition of state agencies and community partners to “Protect Older Americans from Financial Exploitation” — declared Protect Week. Explore our site to learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

What is Protect Week?

Help Identify Fraud

Protect Week helps identify financial scams that target the elderly and bring them into the spotlight.

Events to Learn

Protect Week is a series of events in the community to learn and engage on the topic of scams aimed at the elderly.

Resources for Safety

Protect Week provides resources to the community to identify and report scams that target our communities.

During Protect Week, June 15-21, 2020, Marylanders will have an opportunity to learn about the many forms of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of older adults via the resources of more than a dozen local and national partners including the Maryland Office of the Attorney General, Maryland Office of the Comptroller, Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation, Maryland Department of Aging, CCCSMD, AARP Maryland and AARP Fraud Watch Network, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, EverSafe and Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition.

Protect Week Articles

Interview with Valarie Colmore from Maryland DHS, Adult Protective Services Program

1. Why is protecting older Americans from financial exploitation important to you and your organization? Protecting older Marylanders is a core mission of Maryland Department of Human Services’ Adult Protective Services Program (APS). Our…

Interview with Antonio P. Salazar, Commissioner of Financial Regulation

1. Why is protecting older Americans from financial exploitation important to you and your organization? As the Commissioner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland, I am committed to ensuring that Maryland citizens can conduct…

Don’t Let Your Guard Down—Especially Now!

Written by EverSafe Every day we see new evidence that criminals are updating scams to take advantage of Covid-19. But this episode has now lasted long enough that we are learning more of what to watch for. Among the lessons learned so…

Interview with Attorney General Brian Frosh

1.  Why is protecting older Americans from financial exploitation important to you and your organization? It’s sad to say, but many seniors and vulnerable adults (individuals who lack the physical or mental capacity to provide for…

How to defend against future abuse

Abuse of older Americans comes in many forms and it can be overwhelming to think of all the tactics a fraudster may use to obtain your personal and financial information.  It’s important to keep track of current strategies of abuse but it…

Abuse Prevention Strategies

In an effort to protect older Americans from financial abuse, Protect Week helps you identify, avoid and report financial exploitation.  Identifying key abuse strategies is essential so that you can protect yourself and those you love from…

Preventing Elder Abuse and Neglect

Did you know that every day 10,000 people turn 65 in the United States? Our demographics are shifting and we will soon have more older adults in the U.S. than ever before. Every year, an estimated 5 million older Americans are victims of elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation and that’s only part of the picture. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, an estimated 93% of elder abuse cases go unreported each year.

Elder Financial Exploitation

Each year, hundreds of cases of financial exploitation of older and vulnerable adults are reported in Maryland.  The results can be devastating — emotionally and financially.  This, however, is estimated to be only a fraction of the thousands of cases that go unreported in our state.  Financial exploitation of seniors can be especially devastating because seniors have fewer, if any years, or employment to make up the funds they have lost to scammers and, in far too many cases, family and “friends.”

Register for Protect Week Events

Global Summit on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - June 10

Each year the Global Summit on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day brings together national policy makers, advocates, financial services institutions, media, social services organizations and the general public, plus over 150 additional organizational and individual partners from all over the world.

No-Contact Shredding Event at Westminster Senior and Community Center - June 15

Be a part of the solution. Stop Medicare Fraud and identity theft and prevent financial abuse!

Press Conference - June 15

On Monday, June 15th at 10AM, AARP Maryland will host a Facebook Live Press Conference for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD). Come to this event to learn more about PROTECT Week and how to protect our most vulnerable citizens from financial exploitation.

Montgomery County Department of Health + Human Services - June 16

Montgomery County will hold its 10th annual Senior Safety Forum in conjunction with “World Elder Abuse Awareness Week,” and “Maryland Protect Week” on June 15 – 20, 2020. This year’s theme is “Lifting Up Our Voices: Building Bridges and Strong Supports for Seniors”

Webinar - June 16

In celebration of Protect Week, the Maryland Insurance Administration will join Prince George’s County during their Protect Week webinar by presenting in Spanish.

Teletown - June 17

On Wednesday, June 17th at 6:45pm, AARP Maryland will host an interactive town hall discussion about the financial exploitation of older Americans. AARP Maryland will be joined by the US Attorney’s Office, Baltimore County Department of Aging, ElderSafe and Med Chi.

Grandmother Scam

Mail Lottery Scam

Speak Up

Get Help Now!
Suspect You or Someone You Know Are a Victim of Fraud?


In Immediate Danger? Call 9-1-1

Maryland Department of Human Services

Adult Protective Services Program

For victims who lack the physical or mental capacity to provide for themselves, call:
1-800-332-6347 or

Department of Justice

To Report Suspected Abuse, Call the Department of Justice
(833) 372-8311 (or 833-FRAUD11)

Interview with the Comptroller of Maryland Peter Franchot

Comptroller of Maryland, Peter Franchot, answers four questions about PROTECT Week and what it means to him and his organization. Watch as he answers the following:

  1. Why is protecting older Americans from financial exploitation important to you and your organization?
  2. What is your office doing to support the mission of PROTECT Week?
  3. Do you have any first or secondhand experience with financial exploitation that motivates you to participate in PROTECT Week?
  4. Do you have tips you want to share to help older Americans protect themselves from financial abuse?

Message from the
Maryland Attorney General
Brian Frosh

Message from the
Comptroller of Maryland
Peter Franchot

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